40 Pack Outlet Plugs Covers [Protect Your Child] Child Proof - Best Safety Electrical Power Socket Plug Wall Cover Protector - Plastic Baby Proofing Caps [Perfect FIT] White (40 Pack)

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Manufacturer Description

Keep your Family Safe

Children are naturally curious and are not aware of the dangers of electricity. Many experts recommend using safety covers before children are old enough to be taught about the dangers of electrical shock.

This super pack of 40 outlet plug covers gives you more than enough to cover all the outlets in your kids’ room, sitting room, and any other space that is accessible to your kids. By being proactive and childproofing your house, you can have peace of mind that your little ones are safe whether you’re home or not.

Elegant Design with a Décor-Matching Color

Are you looking for a great way to protect your kids from the risk of electrical shock? The new electrical outlet covers from LeftPro are available in an aesthetic design and a uniform color that is compatible with most wall and in-house décor. Forget those clumsy, ugly and more so hard-to-use outlet protectors, and go with our covers that add an aesthetic appeal to your plugs.

High Quality Waterproofing and Dustproofing Outlet Covers

The new LeftPro outlet safety plug not only help childproof your home, but also protect your wall outlets and electrical appliances from dust or water-related damage. With our set of 40 covers, you can be sure that neither dust nor moisture can get into the wall outlet, which goes a long way to minimize the risk of electrical shock. The high-quality ABS construct is durable and offers long lasting performance – so you get more value for your money.

Product Features

PROTECT YOUR LITTLE ONES AND PREVENT ACCIDENTAL SHOCK - are you looking for a practical solution to prevent your kids from playing with the wall socket plugs and avoid the risk of electrical shock? The 40 pieces wall socket cover protectors from LeftPro are build just for that. These are a thoughtful home supply for electrical sockets, wall outlets and plugs to keep your family safe from accidental electrical shock EASY TO INSTALL - COMPLETELY PLUG & PLAY SAFETY COVERS - are you using unconventional methods to cover the electrical wall plugs in your home? Not anymore with our new bonus set of wall socket cover protectors. Make it impossible for your playful little kids to play with electricity whether you're home or not. What's more? They are completely easy to install. Simply slide them into the socket plug and they're ready to go. CREATE A SAFE AND HAZARD-FREE ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR FAMILY - do you have little children in your home and are worried about power outlets being a major safety hazard? These electrical wall outlet plug covers are built with safety in mind. Their standard size means they work on most American outlets. Once they're in place, simply slide the plate and plug your devices in. Babies on the other hand are not able to do this so you don't have to worry about their safety. HIGH QUALITY PLUG PROTECTORS WITH AN AUTOMATIC CLOSING MECHANISM - are you using socket cover protectors that wear out easily or are hard to work with? The LeftPro set of 40 child proof safety plug wall socket covers are super easy to use. A sliding mechanism will closes automatically and stay in place. Even better, each piece is designed from durable ABS material that lasts long so you get maximum value for money CONVENIENT, EFFICIENT AND DURABLE PROTECTOR COVERS, OR YOUR MONEY BACK - you get a BONUS pack of 40 electrical wall plug protector covers that are waterproof and dustproof. Keep your home safe and protect your kids from the risk of electrical shock. If for some reason you're not happy with this product, we'll make it right and process a refund (or ship a replacement unit) to you. Order risk free with our premium brand guarantee today.

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