Glow-in-the-dark UV Reflecting"Baby on board" Car Sign with Suction Cup - Awesome/Funny Kangaroo Print - Maximum Safety 24/7 All the Day and Night for your Children

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Manufacturer Description

Your children deserve every protection possible!
Everybody who has a child uses a "Baby On Board" car sign to let other drivers know that they carry something very special on the board. That's why when other drivers see a car sign, they act more safely on the road near this car. But a lot of times we drive somewhere with our kids in the dark, especially on work days. Whether we need to pick our children up from afterschool activities or just go to the supermarket with them - all of this is being done in the evening. And regular car signs don't work at this time, so a lot of time your baby is unprotected. For this reason, parents are afraid while driving with their children after dark. But now their problems are solved! This revolution UV reflecting car sign will be working for you all the day and night 24/7 to protect your loved ones. From now on, you can focus on driving with the knowledge that other drivers will drive more safely around you.

Our Glow in the dark "Baby On Board" Car Sign gives you peace-of-mind knowing that your little ones will be extra safe from careless drivers. The glow-in-the-dark reflective UV "Baby On Board" Car Sign will be highly visible, even at night or in poor lighting conditions like tunnels or storms. When it's dark, it glows, and when headlights hit it, the UV surface lights up the sign. It's the best insurance that everyone on the road will be considerate of you and your child's safety. Plus, it's very durable and the suction cup will keep your sign secure even on bumpy roads or with the windows open.

UV Reflective Material lights-up the sign for maximum visibility and safety in any conditions.

Important: PPA Pending.

Product Features

MAXIMUM PROTECTION 24/7 - This revolutionary glow-in-the-dark "Baby On Board" car sign solves the main problem faced by all driving parents! Your baby will be protected all day and night, because your car sign will be visible at all times. UV Reflective Material lights-up the sign for maximum visibility and safety under any road conditions. AWESOME DESIGN - Our "Baby On board" car sign has a yellow/white design with a kangaroo print that differentiates it from standard "Baby on board" car signs. DOUBLE PROTECTED BLISTER PACKAGING - This "Baby On Board" car sign is sent in very strong double blister packaging, so you can be sure that you will get it in perfect condition. STRONG SUCTION CUP - This "Baby On Board" car sign has a strong suction cup, so just place it directly on the back car window and forget about it until your child is in college. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We offer you an unmatched item - it's quality can be beaten only by the quality of our fine services! Each time we become more and more creative to satisfy even the most demanding customers out there! You could be the next to get a taste of our amazing product and service quality experience! So if for some reason you don't like our product, you can easily just return it back - no questions!

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