Wittle Child Safety Sliding Cabinet Lock - 6 Pk, White. Baby Proof Cabinet Knobs - Handles - Drawers. No Tools, Drilling, Magnets, or Adhesive. Multipurpose & Reusable U Shape Easy Slide Latch Locks.

Price: $16.99
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Manufacturer Description

At Wittle, we take the safety, security, and protection of your little one as serious as we take it for our own. We are family owned, guided by honest American values, and we are committed to providing outstanding service. We strive for Wittle to be a brand of baby safety products that parents can trust. Our mission is simple! Create premium quality baby safety products that are easy to use, conveniently tackle the problem, and provide parents with peace of mind.

Wittle Baby Sliding Cabinet Locks Make Child Proofing Simple!

Small children, toddlers, and crawling babies love to explore and their curiosity often lead them to objects, places, and rooms where they can get hurt.

The Wittle Cupboard Locks are perfect for keeping your child out of drawers, cabinets and refrigerators with knob and D-shaped handles. They are also great for keeping curious cats and dogs from opening cabinets and getting into mischief!

Easily put it on and take it off without tools or adhesives required.
Portable so you can take it on vacation or to grandma's house.
Adjustable allowing it to work with cabinets that have knobs or D-handles up to 5 inches apart.
Unique pinch to unlock slide is easy for adults to open while keeping curious children and pets out.

To Lock:
With the cabinet door or drawer closed, place the u shaped part through the handles or around the knob. Slide the sliding piece into the u shaped part until tight and secure.

To Unlock:
Gently pinch both sides of the two buttons together with your fingers and slide the slider part outward until detached from the u shaped part.

If you are looking for a way to baby proof the cabinets and drawers around your home, then look no further. With sleek, unobtrusive designs, easy installation and a value set at an economical price that won't break the bank, who could say no?

Get the Wittle Child Proof Cabinet Locks for your Home Today!

Product Features

TOP QUALITY ?? Our Sliding Cabinet Locks make child proofing simple! The unique pinch to unlock slide is easy for adults but hard for kids (and pets) to open. This means you can guard and protect children (or even the family cat or dog) from dangerous and off limit items while giving you peace of mind! QUICK, EASY & PORTABLE ?? Secure cabinet handle doors from toddlers in seconds with no tools, no drilling screws, no adhesives, and no magnets. Our cupboard door locks are portable so you can reuse them over and over without damaging or leaving marks on your furniture. You can even take them with you on vacation or to grandma's house! ADJUSTABLE ?? Works with majority of side by side cupboards, cabinets, dresser drawers, and even some fridge doors. Our no drill sliding latches fit standard and mushroom shaped knobs and D-shaped handles up to 5 inches apart. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, or bedroom. STRONG & PRACTICAL ?? Unlike alternative options, the pinch clasp is re-inforced with additional material so it is strong and won't break with repeated use. Plus, our drawer lock slides effortlessly on the track so you'll be able to adjust the clasp with ease instead of struggling like other locks. SAFE AND ELEGANT ?? Sleek and modern design blends in with your home's decor style. Durable and easy to clean making maintenance a breeze. Made from premium, non-toxic, environmentally friendly material that is safe around your kids and pets. Plus, your purchase comes with our ultimate, no-risk, no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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